About Us


Modernage Public School & College is a private residential institution that provides quality education to children from ages three and a half to eighteen years i.e. from Montessori to HSSC Level (K-12). It is co-educational up to class five and has separate purpose-built campuses for boys and girls thereafter. The institution is accredited by the Education Department of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa (KP), and affiliated with The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Abbottabad.

The journey of Modernage started in the year 1986, when a small school by the name of Modern Public School was established at Pine View Road, Abbottabad. In 1996 the school was transformed into a proactive educational institution with a new name, Modernage Public School and College, Abbottabad. Major changes were made in the vision and the mission of the school. Recently a school development plan based on the following four areas has been chalked out:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Curriculum
  • Environment
  • Leadership & Management

Since its inception, the institution has progressed in leaps and bounds by the implementation of concepts of Total Quality Management in Education. Through its innovative initiatives, the school at present has established a very prestigious position in the community. Some examples of such initiatives are the Remedial Teaching Program, Human Resource Development and Training, extensive program of Co-Curricular Activities and Sports, International Student and Teacher Exchange Programs and initiation of Students’ Quality Circles.


The monogram of Modernage symbolizes the vision of Modernage. At the top is the Motto of the school meaning “Rise and Educate the People” taken from the “Surah Al-Mudassir”. Its green back drop is indicative of the prosperity that our society will gain through education. Below it there is a book and a lamp which signify that all enlightenment is through book. The purple and the yellow colour in the back drop are the representative colours of Modernage. The seven stars refer to the seven aspects of human life which when properly developed bring in success and harmony in life. These aspects are “Health, Family, Professional Obligations, Emotional and Psychological Maturity, Spiritual Elevation and Upholding the Human Values”. In the slot below, the human figure with arms extended upwards, highlights the fact that all heights can be achieved by virtue of intelligent hard work. The red colour in its backdrop is the colour of progress.

Statement Of Values

  • Learning: We will be life-long learners who contribute meaningfully to the society with integrity and trust.
  • Spirituality: We will be spiritually alive individuals.
  • Integrity: We will uphold strong moral and ethical conduct to engender respect for human beings
  • Teamwork: We in coordination with all stakeholders will work as a team to ensue that our students are reared in a democratic environment.
  • Responsibility: We will be punctual, regular and honest in our conduct in order to stand true to the promises made in our Mission Statement.
  • Empathy: We will develop among us the notion of always being kinder and nobler than is necessary in our day to day conduct.
  • Determination: We will deal collectively and consistently with all such challenges that threaten our smooth progress in imparting quality education to our students.
  • Optimism: We will endeavour hard to develop a mind- set among us to always prefer to look at the brighter side of the picture.
  • Tolerance: We will ensure quality education which eventually leads to engender patience and a willingness to forgive.
  • Unity: Our motto will always be “United we stand – Divided we fall”.
  • Patriotism: We will generate a conducive environment of love and care which will eventually develop into love of country and love of countrymen and in time will achieve a higher and nobler gradient of love of humanity and of globe.
  • Self- Esteem: We will inculcate among our students the virtue of self esteem by dint of noble conduct and quality education
  • Excellence:We will compromise on nothing short of excellence.