Conduct of Conduct

1. Aims:

The main aim of discipline at Modernage is to enable the students to:

  • Grow into self-directed, self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals.
  • Take greater responsibility in observance of college rules and regulations, the academics and their health on themselves.

2. Modernite Discipline

It is imperative upon each Modernite to adhere to the following guiding principles:

2.1. Conduct:

All Modernites are believed to be civilized and cultured. Therefore, they must be:

  • respectful and co-operative towards administration, teachers and parents.
  • polite in their interaction.
  • helpful and sociable towards their fellows.
  • disciplined in the college premises.

Further, Modernites must not:

  • involve in any act of immorality and dishonesty.
  • involve in any kind of vandalism.
  • indulge in any kind of encroachment.
  • offer gifts or other facilities to teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • ask students who are junior to them to do their personal chores and errands or use their personal items.
  • smoke or consume alcohol or any other narcotics.
  • get involved in strikes, protests, inter-group fights and bullying.
  • possess items such as radios, tape recorders, immersion rods,heaters, valuable watches, bicycles, motorcycles, cameras, computers, mobile phone, obscene literature, pets, etc.
  • have knives, firearms, rings, knuckle dusters, fireworks or any sharp instruments/weapons.
  • misuse the internet.

2.2. Punctuality & Attendance:

Time is precious. Regular attendance is not only important for the academic advancement of the students but also it is a requirement of The Education Department and The Abbottabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. A student who has less than 90% of the possible attendance, counted from the date of his/her admission to the institution (except in case of new admission) may not be allowed to take the annual examination. Names of pupils who remain absent without leave for six consecutive days will be struck off the school rolls. Readmission will depend on the discretion of the Principal and availability of vacancy.

Modernites must:

  • be cautious enough in utilizing their time.
  • be punctual in performance of their academic and co-curricular activities.
  • be in college at least five minutes before the morning assembly.
  • be regular and have at least 90% attendance.
  • apply in writing for leave of absence in advance or else an absence fine will be imposed. A medical certificate must accompany application for medical leave for more than three days from a qualified medical practitioner.
  • never leave the college campus or class without the permission of the teacher concerned and the Principal.
  • never miss the Morning Assembly, regular or remedial classes, tests, examinations, curricular & co-curricular activities and sports sessions or any event of the College.
  • never proceed on leave during the academic session except under very exceptional and pressing circumstances.

2.3. Uniform:

As uniform is a symbol of association with the institution, Modernites must:

  • be properly dressed in college uniform as per season.
  • have a neat and tidy haircut and maintain a hygienic length of hair. Dyeing of hair and exaggerated hairstyles are prohibited.
  • never wear jewellery in the school.

2.4. Cleanliness:

Modernites should be:

  • tidy and clean and take a bath daily.
  • careful in keeping their belongings and their surroundings neat.

2.5. Academics:

Academic progress is the centre of all curricular activities. Therefore, Modernites must be:

  • serious and ready for learning.
  • efficient in doing their assignments.

2.6. Services:

Various services are provided to facilitate the learning environment. Modernites are, therefore, required to:

  • take care while using laboratories, libraries, washrooms and other college property.
  • remain disciplined at the tuck shop.

2.7. Examination:

Examination and tests are indicators of the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Any student absenting himself from an examination or any portion thereof, without the permission of the Principal, is liable to be expelled from the school. Re-admission will depend on satisfactory and sufficient justification for the absence.

Modernites should:

  • be sincere in taking exams and tests
  • not believe in shortcuts and unfair means.

3. Instructions for students:

In connection with the Modernite discipline, it must be in the knowledge of all students that:

  • No student is allowed to settle his disputes in his own capacity. All serious disciplinary cases will be discussed in the College Council and in extreme cases may lead to expulsion from the College.
  • The College Council will take serious action against those who verbally abuse a person based on his caste, religion, mother tongue, region, culture, nationality, social and economic status, or physical, psychological or mental disability.
  • In case of any complaint, the Vice Principal may be approached.
  • In case of any academic problem, the Academic Coordinator should be consulted.
  • The student failing in following the Code of Modernites is liable to be punished as per the degree of violation. It may be fine, detention or even expulsion. Any act falling in the category of crime will be referred to the law enforcing institutions of the country.

4. Instructions for Parents/Guardians:

It must be in the knowledge of the parents/guardians that:

  • They are not allowed to meet their children/wards during the class hours.
  • Parent-Teacher meetings are held frequently. Their presence in these meetings is in the best interest of the student and the institution.
  • They must ensure that the home assignments of their children are complete and regular.
  • In case of any academic problem, Academic Coordinator should be consulted.
  • The college will take all possible safety measures, but it will NOT be responsible for any harm that may come to a student while in the college or out on a picnic/excursion, etc. Nor is the college responsible for any loss or damage to a students’ property or belongings while in the college premises. Every possible care, however, shall be taken of the same, within the college limits.
  • Any suggestions for improving the quality of education and services being provided to the students are welcome.