Residential Life

Student Services

Modernage realizes that to provide an environment for the growth of social skills, academic excellence and moral values of students, especially the boarders, is the responsibility of the college. Besides the faculty members, there are specially trained people who look into this sphere of child development. They provide individual attention to each student’s problems. The House Master/Mistress is responsible to help students in matters related to their studies, accommodation, travel arrangements, opening bank accounts, medical appointments, etc.

Residential Houses

The residential house experience at Modernage is both inspiring and exciting. The students learn how to share and co-operate with others. They learn to be more responsible and active. Modernage has separate residential houses for boys and girls in their campuses. Comfortable and spacious, the residential houses provide shared lodging to the residential students and staff. A House Master/Mistress is in charge of the entire house. These people along with their staff assist the students in the execution of their daily routines. The rooms are serviced daily. Facilities for washing and ironing are provided regularly.

Student Health Services

Both the physiological, as well as the psychological issues that damage the health and efficiency of work of students are addressed through the health services being provided at Modernage. The students are encouraged to develop healthy life styles. Services of registered physicians have been acquired. The services provided include general care of illness and injury, physical examinations, laboratory services, immunizations, nutrition information, health maintenance and referrals to health care specialists/hospitals. The medical bills are drawn in the quarterly fee at the end of the quarter.

Food Services

The resident Modernites are provided with adequate messing facilities in the spacious dining halls of the college. Efforts are made to provide tasty, balanced and hygienic food to the students. The fixed menu offers a variety of foods. It is changed on monthly basis according to the liking of the students.


Special educational and recreational one-day trips of students are arranged every month. These outings are meant to give students a break from the studies and to enable them to interact positively with one another.

Special Evening & Weekend Programs

Because the resident students spend their time on the campus, weekends and evenings are often busy with a number of different activities. These activities are as diverse as the students involved in them. Most weekends witness special events ranging from lectures and films to sporting events and workshops. Special training sessions, discussions, religious activities and seminars are a regular feature of the yearly schedule of activities.

Pocket Money

Children up to class 10 are not allowed to have any cash on them, nor may they be given any money by their parents/guardians/visitors. The pocket money of Rs 1500/ per term may be deposited with the House Master/House Mistress in charge, or sent through a crossed bank draft/cheque to the Principal.

Evening Study

For the residential students coaching classes are arranged in the evening as well. The students are given assistance in their difficulties and guided to organize their study routines.


The Parents/Guardians may contact their children/wards on the College telephone on Saturdays between 1500 –1900 hrs. The students are not allowed to have mobile phones with them. However, in case of emergency, they can be contacted on the mobile numbers of the House Master/Mistress from 0800 to 2100 hrs. E-mail facility is also available. The schedule of activities clearly points out the days on which the parents/guardians of boarders may visit their children. On the visit days the boarders are allowed to proceed for an outing with the parents/guardians normally between 1300 hrs till 1800 hrs.